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Do you remember?

Why should we be worried about our juniors

There is a trend among fans right know. A trend that scares me. The “we want more difficult elements” trend. And it’s not about seniors, but juniors. Ever since Vika Komova ( she is the first I know) emerged with difficulty and grace as a junior, standards are up and up. If you are a [...]

How is FRG organised? – Part 1

1 AFFILIATED MEMBERS Private or public clubs of gymnastics Teritorial associations of gymnastics 2 GENERAL ASSEMBLY – the Parliament of RGF and the supreme authority It’s made from representatives of the affiliated members. Each club and association sends one representative with a written mandate. One representative – one vote. The General Assembly elects the president [...]

What Octavian Bellu actualy says

We all know Octavian Bellu is a very smart man and a down to earth person. He will not say a flower is pretty when it’s quite the opposite. The little interview he gave 2 days ago for Prosport showed us this. Let’s analyze what he actualy said. 1. Sandra Izbasa wants to stay for [...]

The legend goes on: Sandra Izbasa will continue in 2013

Prosport talked with Octavian Bellu. These are the most important things told by the head coach: “Sandra is now in France for some galas. We are wating for her to return. She did not submit any request of retirement and i understood that she wants to continue this year. Probably only this year. If she [...]

Romanian gymnasts competing this spring

There are a lot of  information going on about our gymnasts competing this spring. Not all of them true. We were surprise to see Larisa going to SCAM and then going to France two weeks later. It was not logical. B&B would not send a gymnast to a competition across the ocean and two weeks [...]

Romanian Gymnastics Gala

Like every year, top important romanian blogs have decided to make a top of most important moments of year 2012. Enjoy! This, we hope, will be the last time that this Gala will be just online. Let’s dream big! Artistic Gymnastics – Women A. The most complete gymnast. It was a fight between Larisa Iordache, [...]

Ode to gymnastics fans

It’s difficult not to love artistic gymnastics. It has everything: grace, power, controversies, complicated rules, breathtaking performances, drama and above all, unpredictability. No one, absolutely no one, can guarantee a medal. Artistic gymnastics is not an easy sport to understand as it is complex and has such complicated rules. However, this has never stopped fans [...]

One amazing documentary from BBC

Faster Higher Stronger: Stories of the Olympic Games – 100 Meters [Episode 1] [BBC Documentary] Faster Higher Stronger: Stories of the Olympic Games – Gymnastics [Episode 2] [BBC Documentary]

My sentimental team for the OG

As the title suggested this is an article about my dream team for the Olympic Games. I don’t care about who is better and where Romania lacks difficulty and execution. 1. First choice is very easy and those who know me will not be surprised: my beautiful Spiridus. As one of my friends said it [...]

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