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Romanian Gymnastics Gala

Like every year, top important romanian blogs have decided to make a top of most important moments of year 2012. Enjoy! This, we hope, will be the last time that this Gala will be just online. Let’s dream big! Artistic Gymnastics – Women A. The most complete gymnast. It was a fight between Larisa Iordache, [...]

Diana Chelaru retires, but she leaves the door open

Diana Chelaru retires, but not quite. She said to the fans: I’m leaving the door open. She thanked the fans for their love and support. For this occasion, the fans all over the world sent messeges to Diana, messseges that were put into a huge banner. Diana was surprised and really happy. Take a look [...]

Gimnastica romaneasca si fanii ei

Nu este dificil sa presupui ce relatie exista intre fani si sportul pe care acesta il iubesc. Relatia este simpla: fanii iubesc gimnastica si depun multe eforturi pentru a o sustine. Gimnastica isi iubeste si nu prea fanii. In functie de interes, gimnastica poate sa-i considere pe fani o belea si sa strambe din nas [...]

Ode to gymnastics fans

It’s difficult not to love artistic gymnastics. It has everything: grace, power, controversies, complicated rules, breathtaking performances, drama and above all, unpredictability. No one, absolutely no one, can guarantee a medal. Artistic gymnastics is not an easy sport to understand as it is complex and has such complicated rules. However, this has never stopped fans [...]

One amazing documentary from BBC

Faster Higher Stronger: Stories of the Olympic Games – 100 Meters [Episode 1] [BBC Documentary] Faster Higher Stronger: Stories of the Olympic Games – Gymnastics [Episode 2] [BBC Documentary]

My sentimental team for the OG

As the title suggested this is an article about my dream team for the Olympic Games. I don’t care about who is better and where Romania lacks difficulty and execution. 1. First choice is very easy and those who know me will not be surprised: my beautiful Spiridus. As one of my friends said it [...]

Whom to choose?

When it comes to Romania, making the team for OG is kind of strategy game, something like Age of empire when you’re playing against the computer. You need to be smarter to beat the computer. You know that the machine is faster then you, so you need to think every step that you do.  In [...]

Veniti sa sustineti gimnastica!

Sâmbătă, 7 iulie 2012, ora 17:00, la Sala Polivalentă din Bucureşti, Federaţia Română de Gimnastică împreună cu fanii acestui sport vă invită la un eveniment unic in România: Patrulaterul de gimnastică artistică feminină România-Germania-Italia-Franţa. Alături de aceste echipe vor evolua gimnaste de top din Europa: Julie Croket şi Gaelle Mys din Belgia, Giulia Steingruber din [...]

Speculations on Larisa Iordache’s possible upgrades for OG

We have to admit that when it comes to Larisa the sky is the limit. She is an amazing little gymnast, fabulous twister, full of energy and beautiful to watch. She really is a Pikachu. This is her new nickname after Euro. So let’s get wild! With a gymnast like Larisa you can go to [...]

Speculations on Sandra Izbasa’s vaults at OG

Two years ago it was hard to imagine that Sandra Izbasa would become a vault specialist. After 2006 she stopped training two vaults, dissapointed by the fact that gymnasts with big mistaks still managed to win medals. But when B& B came back, a new Sandra Izbasa emerged. The vault specialist. THAT vault specialist that [...]