“Iasi Cup”, complete success

For a day, Iasi was the “capital” of the aerobic gymnastics. This was the place for the first edition of “Iasi Cup”, which gathered juniors and seniors alike ‒ many of them being World or European champions ‒ from clubs from Arad, Bucharest, Constanta, Deva, Iasi, Petrosani, as well as from the National Teams of juniors and seniors of Romania.

This event, organised by the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, the gymnastics sports club Gimnis Iasi and the Children’ Palace Iasi, with the support of numerous and enthusiastic sponsors,tookplace at the Students’ House of Culture which offered an excellent venue for this tournament.

From juniors to seniors, the evolutions of almost 140 gymnasts have delighted not only the audience, but also the judges. Those who distinguished themselves were Oana Constantin, Valentin Mavrdineanu, Andreea Bogati, Marius Gavriloaie, Mihaita Cimpoi, Delia Lacataru, Marius Petruse, Maria Luisa Pavel, Bianca Becze, Lucian Fratiloiu and others ‒ some of them being components of national teams, thus demonstrating a good level of overall training.

Moreover, taking into consideration this last aspect, coach Maria Fumea said: “From the perspective of the national team, I have to mention first and foremost, this first edition of the “Iasi Cup” has offered everything that was necessary for a test similar to an elite competition. Let’s not forget that, in a few days, the members of the national teams will be at the 2011 Shenzen World University Games, in China, a very strong competition that will certainly bring almost all worldwide stars of aerobic gymnastics. This competion in Iasi has provided a last and rigorous examination before the competion in China,under stress, competition, public, top arbitration, which was particularly beneficial for us.”

Organizational hosts’ efforts to ensure an outstanding event have been most serious, and, finally, they have successfully promoted aerobic gymnastics at top level.

Alina Dragan, technical director for aerobics in the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, said: “It was a success from all points of view and the community has involved thoroughly, being worthy of all praise. This got reflected in everything that happened during the two days of competition. In these circumstances, I can say that, in addition to checking the preparation level of the components for the Shenzhen Universiade, where aerobics will debute as part of the competition program,a very good promotion of this sport was realised as well, which is extremely important from our point of view. Hence, these are just a few reasons to expect with great interest the next edition, rather, the following editions…”(Em.F.).

Source: Romgym

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