Our athletes on the podium at the World Cup in Borovets

After Aix-les-Bains, in February, the second tournament in the aerobics World Cup program took place last weekend (13th -14th May) in Borovets (Bulgaria), which has become a traditional place to host such events. The competition was attended by 90 athletes from 18 countries, representing four continents.

Among the competitors there were our Romanian gymnasts, who, despite various accidents, managed to get three medals, in the individual women, mixed pairs and group divisions.

Broadcasted by the National Television, the event was officially opened by Dimitur Georgiev, deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and by Lazar Kamenov, deputy minister of the Ministry of Sports. Other officials were present, such as honorary vice-president of FIG, John Atkinson (UK), whereas four members of the Technical Committee of FIG were in the judging panel.

In the individual men division, the Chinese Lei Che, who was first in qualifications, won this event,  before the Frenchman Julien Shishigin Chaninet and the Russian Anton Shishigin. In this event, Mihăiţă Cimpoi, 5th  in qualifications, finished in the 7th place, while Marius Petruşe didn’t manage to qualify into the finals,  finishing the qualifications in the 9th place.

In women’s competition, we saw the winning of Aurelia Joly (France), who went from the 5th  place in qualifications. In the meantime, our representative  Maria Pavel, who led after the first day, didn’t get any medals, finishing in the 4th place, while her colleague Oana Constantin finished in the 2nd place, an improvement from the 3rd place in qualifications.

In mixed pairs division, world champions Sara Moreno and Vicente Li (Spain) took the 1st place, beating our athletes Marius Petruşe and Maria Becze(7th  place in qualifications), and Maxim Grinin and Evgeniya Kudymova  (Russia ‒ 1st place in qualifications).

Regarding the group competition,  finals results were the same as qualifications results: 1.China, 2. Russia, 3. Romania (Andreea Bogati, Laura Cristache, Delia Lăcătaru, Maria Luisa Pavel, Oana Corina Constantin, Anca Surdu).

Romanian gymnasts have not taken part in trio event.

Here are the rankings of our representatives:
Individual Men
5. Mihăiţă Cimpoi 19.750
9. Marius Ciprian Petruşe 19.550
7. Mihăiţă Cimpoi 19.700
Individual Women
1. Maria Luisa Pavel 20.400
3. Corina Oana Constantin 20.250
2. Corina Oana Constantin 20.600
4. Maria Luisa Pavel 20.450

Mixed Pairs
4. Mihăiţă Cimpoi, Delia Lăcătaru 20 400
7. Marius Ciprian Petruşe, Maria Bianca Becze 20.300
2. Marius Ciprian Petruşe, Maria Bianca Becze 20.550
7. Mihăiţă Cimpoi, Delia Lăcătaru 20.250

3. Oana Corina Constantin , Anca Surdu, Laura Cristache, Andreea Bogati, Delia Lăcătaru, Maria Luisa Pavel 19.789
3.  Andreea Bogati, Laura Cristache, Delia Lăcătaru, Maria Luisa Pavel, Oana Corina Constantin, Anca Surdu 20.655

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